Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Stinky Little Lamb

So my sister Katelyn had to write a children't book for one of her Elementary Education classes at BYU-Idaho, and she asked me to illustrate it. It's called the Stinky Little Lamb, and it's based off of a story our Mom made up and told us when we were little! I've never drawn anything like this before, but I ended up loving it! So, here is a preview of what the pages will look like when she gets it published for her class! She did a great job writing it. It had to have an educational purpose, so she decided to focus on teaching the life cycle of a butterfly.

As a tribute to our parents, this last page has a couple little extra details. Every night when we were little, when our Mom came to tuck us in, she would bring us an apple slice. I know, we should have crazy cavities, but as it turns out I've never had a cavity! Anyway, Katelyn and I have lots of fun memories of sharing a room and seeing who could chew the quietest, etc. So there is an apple on the nightstand in honor of our Mom. Our Dad used to tell Katelyn her own special bedtime story about Marshmallow Men, so the Little Lamb falls asleep dreaming of a Marshmallow Man in honor of our Dad.

This was such a fun project! I'm excited to explore my abilities in the art department further--so much fun!

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