Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

5th Anniversary, Jakiah & Jaynanne, and Lots of Fun, Oh My!

On May 4th, Kent and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary! Five years! It's hard to believe we've already hit this awesome milestone. The first of many! We celebrated by going to one of our favorite restaurants, Cheesecake Factory! 
(So Kent kind of forgot to find a babysitter, so we got to take Kyson with us...good thing he's such a good boy, hehe)

Kent got me flowers and the most precious necklace--a heart with a mother and child inside and a tiny diamond. It was my anniversary/first Mother's Day gift and it was absolutely perfect! I surprised Kent at work with the daisies in the background, a Twix, and a special lunch. I also made him a yummy breakfast. It was a wonderful anniversary!

Ki and Jaynie were married in the Kansas City Temple on May 11th. It was a beautiful day, and a beautiful sealing. While in the Kansas/Missouri area, we got to tour several Church history sights.
Here is the picture I drew of Ki and Jaynie as a wedding gift for them.

On our flight to Kansas City!

Ki and Jaynie holding their "Nauman side nephews."

Daddy giving Kyson more treats!

And he LOVED it!

We found out at Ki's wedding that Tyson is officially taller than him!!!
Nauman Family
All the family that flew in for the wedding.

Standing in front of the Kansas City Temple

Ki and Jaynie with all of their nephews!
We love our Kyson...always!

Kyson discovered that he, like us, LOVES the bread sticks at Olive Garden! "I shall call it squishy and it shall be mine. And it shall be my squishy!" 

Touring with my little bud

Kyson and Papa Tim checking things out in the Visitor's Center! 

Inside the Visitor's Center

Playing on the hill by the Visitor's Center and Community of Christ Temple

So one of the nights in the hotel, we came in the room to find my parents hiding from US! Mom was behind a chair, and Dad was IN COHEN'S CRIB!!! Haha, it was amazing!!!

And of course, we spent time swimming at the pool at the hotel--a favorite Nauman family past-time for sure!


This pool was a salt water pool, so Kyson had his tongue sticking out licking his lips almost the entire time we were in the pool! Goofball! 

One of the sights we saw was Haun’s Mill. Lyska was with Kent, Kyson, and me in our rental car. It was raining. The signs all said “Dirt roads. Do not visit in wet weather.” Kent decided to push the limits a little, and despite the dirt roads, on we went. At first it was okay. But then parts of the road started being nearly covered in water. We did eventually actually make it to the sight. But instead of just stopping once we could see the sign marking Haun’s Mill, Kent decided to try and drive down this small final stretch of “road.” Well, it was raining, muddy, and we got stuck! After trying with no success to get out, we ended having to leave Kyson in the car and go out and try and gather sticks and brush that we could use for traction. Lyska and I were wearing flip flops, so we left them in the car and ventured out barefoot. It was at least ankle-deep mud everywhere. It was actually kind of fun, except that we were totally stuck and weren’t sure what to do. 

Fortunately, after about 10 minutes, Steve, Katelyn, Tyson, and Cohen found us in their car. Steve got in our car, found that there was an anti-skid feature that was on in our car that was keeping us from getting full power when we would hit the gas. He turned that off and was able to floor it and get us out of there!

So we learned a good lesson—Don’t ignore the signs! Fortunately things turned out in a way that we are able to laugh about it now. 
We had a great time seeing Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Farr West, Liberty, and the Independence visitor center next to the Community of Christ Temple. It was fun seeing those sights with my family. 

Haun's Mill! We made it! Barely! 

One of many footprints we left in that mud!

Gathering brush in the rain!

Our poor car!

Kent futilely trying to push our car out of the mud! Hehe

Though muddy and wet, it sure was beautiful out there!

Goofing around just a bit!

After Ki and Jaynie’s wedding and luncheon, Kent, Kyson, and I got to sneak over to their hotel and decorate it with rose petals, Martinelli’s, and chocolates. It was a lot fun getting to do that for them!

After the wedding, Kent and Steve flew back to Utah, and Katelyn, the babies, and I got to fly to Washington with our family to help get things ready for the Elma open house. It was a busy but fun week at home, and the open house the following weekend turned out beautifully.

Posing with the Jazz dudes at the airport!

Flying to Washington after the wedding on Mother's Day...we were both pooped!

Look at those stunning eyelashes! He is definitely "Mommy's little man!"

Of course, he didn't sleep the WHOLE way...he loved looking out the window, and especially flirting with everyone sitting behind us on the plane!

Happy Mother's Day to our dear Mother...we love you!

I made this sign for my Mom for her laundry room for Mother's Day. This couldn't be truer for us growing up and her and all the laundry we made her do! I am just so grateful for my dear Mom!

Tyson and I being sneaky and decorating a "Just Married" motorcycle! 

"You didn't see anything..."

Cute Nanny and Gucky walking to the lookout! 

Aren't they precious?

Nanny and ALL of her Great Grandchildren!

Just after watching Lyska at her Tennis Districts! She is amazing! Kyson loved her raquet!

Sweet boy

Kyson's First Haircut!!!

9 months old already!! Where is the time going?!?!?

Caught during story time

While I was in Washington, Kent got to go watch Joey in the National Rugby Championship! Go Cougars!

For Memorial Day, we decided to go to the Aviary, to a park, and then to 7 Peaks! We had such a great time together as a family! What a wonderful weekend it was!

"To those who served in the world wars"

At the Wave Pool!

He was seriously so excited to be there! He couldn't wait to get on those slides!

We also got to go to a Real Salt Lake soccer game in May. It was lots of fun!

Kyson playing at home on his toy airplane! Cutie pie!

When I got back from Washington, we had just a little bit of time to pack up before we left on June 1st for Arkansas. The day before we left we got to chaperone a field trip to Lagoon. I got to go on the sky coaster with a couple of Kent’s coworkers! 

Playing in the fountain at Lagoon!

Kyson wore his Shark Lagoon shirt for his first time to Lagoon! hehe

LOVE the Sky Coaster! Next time Kent and I will have to go on it together though!