Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Happiest Days of Our Lives! (February Part 2+Some March)

Later in February, on February 24th, Kent and I got to take Kyson to the Matheson Courthouse where we finalized our adoption! It was such an exciting day! Ki, Jaynie, Carley, and Joey all came to support us on our big day. Our judge, L. A. Dever, was great. And we love our lawyer, Babata! We had been looking forward to that day for six months, and it was so great to finally be there! Kyson is legally ours!

Our handsome man!

Just over a week later, on March 3rd, we entered the Jordan River Temple to be sealed to Kyson for time and all eternity. It was the happiest day of our lives so far! My mom got to dress in white and bring Kyson to us at the altar. Words will never be sufficient to describe the joy and the emotions and the spirit that we felt as our son was sealed to us. I will forever remember that day! Kyson was perfect—such a joy and so happy there with us. Just like when we were at court, he literally seemed to be listening to every word, cooing softly in agreement at just the right times for it to be adorable and not at all interrupting. He is eternally our son! He has always been ours, but it is amazing how now it feels so complete.

We had so many family members and friends that were able to be at the Temple and at the luncheon afterward to support our little family. It was so great to be able to share this special day with so many loved ones. And our birth mother, H, her fiancé, and her parents were also able to be in the Temple with us! What a rare and special experience that was! We are so grateful for her and proud of her!

A shot of some of the people that came to the luncheon to support us! We love you all!

His sealing day was such a big day, we wore him completely out. He slept through almost the entire luncheon! Sweetheart!


Oma and me

Grandma Kay with her Kyson

Kent's family--Granddad Nixon is so proud of his Nixon Grandson!

Nixon Family

Proud Daddy

Lots of Love in this Family!

Nauman Family...we're getting so big!

Proud parents, cute cousins!

Papa Tim loves Kyson, and Kyson loves him!

We got to bless Kyson at Church the next day, March 4th, in our ward. What was really cool was that Cohen was also blessed in our ward that day. So Kyson and Cohen got to share their blessing day together! What a special day for both of them!

We are so grateful for our dear son. He is so special and so loved. We look forward to taking our future adopted children to the Temple as well. What a privilege it is to enter the House of the Lord to be sealed together forever. Truly, sealed with love. 

We love our boys! I'm so glad we got to share this day together!

Happy boy!

All smiles, all the time!

Four generations of Nixon men
Here are a few more pictures of the fun we've had:

7 months old!

Kyson got his first tooth! Yay!

We love St. Patrick's Day!

Watching March Madness!

We got to take my Cub Scouts ice skating. Kyson fell right asleep on the ice!

He loves to go on walks with Mommy and play in the park!

Happy Saturday out with Mom and Dad

Helping Mommy and Opa shovel dirt and mulch at Oma and Opa's house! Kyson loves being outside!