Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Part 1

February was an adventure! Katelyn and Steve had their baby, Cohen! Kyson and I actually got to drive up to Rexburg before Katelyn had her baby to spend some time with her and help out with whatever we could. We went up just a couple days before her due date. We went on lots of walks together trying to get her to go into labor. But nothing was happening. Then, on her due date, after going to her doctor just to find she really wasn’t progressing at all yet, we decided that since it was just a couple days before my birthday, I might as well drive home and spend the weekend and my birthday with Kent and come back up once she was actually in labor. So, Kyson and I loaded up and headed home.

Well, apparently when I was about an hour from home, Katelyn actually did go into labor! She started having contractions just after I left Rexburg, but felt so bad that I had just left, that she didn’t want to tell me unless she was actually in the hospital. She had called and told my parents though, so they hopped in the car and started driving right away. I got home at around 9pm and we got to bed after midnight. About an hour after we went to bed, Steve called to tell me they were at the hospital and that Katelyn would probably be having Cohen soon. He told me to go ahead and get some sleep and he’d call me when he was born. But of course, I was way too excited to do that. Since it was the weekend, we decided to have Kent come up with me. So we hopped back in the car and drove back up to Rexburg just hours after I’d gotten home!
We got to the hospital and I asked the front desk to check on Katelyn’s status since we hadn’t heard anything from them in awhile. As they were looking up her information, we heard a loud, painful scream…it was Katelyn! Poor girl! About an hour later, we got to go in and meet our new nephew! He is so precious! My parents, Lyska, and Tyson arrived not long after that.

Kent got to spend Saturday and Sunday up in Rexburg with us. We even got to watch the Super Bowl together. After the game ended, he drove home, and Kyson and I caught a ride home several days later with my parents.
Watchin' some football with the Big Kids!

Super Bowl Sunday!

I love my little man!

Momma's, Aunts, sisters...we love being together!

Chillin' with Papa Tim

Can you tell Kyson's excited?!?!

Proud Daddys 

Kyson LOVES bath time! Just chillin'

Happy Grandma Kay!

Cute cousins, 6 months apart!

Look at this kid!!!

I spent my birthday with my family in Idaho; we had a great time together. I even got a delicious ice cream cake! When I got home from Idaho, Kent had this sign and a bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries he actually made waiting for me!

"Welcome Happy ValenBirthtine's Day Home Kayla" hehe I love my hubby!

So, it was crazy the way things ended up, with me making the roundtrip from Rexburg and back in the same day, but what a great adventure! We are so excited to have Cohen in the family! Kyson already loves his little cousin! 
Our big boy turned 6 months old this month! 

Our silly goose!