Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kent; Happy Spring Break!

Kent also turned 29 in March. I made him a Hunger Games themed cake and birthday. We got to go see the Hunger Games in theatre, which was a blast!

We also had a great St. Patrick’s Day! We love celebrating holidays as a family! J

It's the Mockinjay. I free-handed it out of caramel! Woot woot!

I made Kent's gifts into a Hunger Games was pretty fun.

For Kent’s spring break, we decided to take a trip to the Pacific Northwest. We spent some time with Kent’s sister Renae and her family in Portland, as well as some time with my family in Elma, Washington. Katelyn and Cohen decided to come with us, which was really fun.

Kyson's first time to the beach!

We think he liked it!

Checking out the cheese factory

Looking up to his Daddy already


Kent loves to sneak Kyson bites of the yummy stuff he's really not supposed to have yet. 

And Kyson gratefully accepts his offers!

Taking a ride in the Cheesemobile.

Cape Meares lighthouse we saw while driving along the Oregon Coast

We also got to hike Multnomah Falls in Oregon, something I’ve wanted to do for years. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun! We got to go with Renae and our three nephews. Kyson loved it.
While in Oregon, we went to the beach, drove along the coast, and visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory. That was a lot of fun—especially letting Kyson try some of our delicious ice cream!
We love that as a teacher, Kent has such great holidays! Taking trips as a family is a favorite for us!

Looking down...

Ah!!! Our famous foot shots!

Loving the hike

I cannot help it...I like feet, I do not know why. (kudos if you know what movie that is from!)
Don't worry, we didn't jump!

Haha, I love this picture of Kyson! His facial expression could be saying so many things!

Looks like we've got another hiking fan in the family!

Kyson says, "Hey, are you sure I'm in this shot?"

In April we also had the opportunity to attend our birth mother H's sealing in the Vernal Temple to her amazing husband! They are such a beautiful, amazing couple and we are over the moon ecstatic for them to begin their lives together!

We also did a little "hiking" around in Vernal...

Kyson's First Easter! We had a wonderful holiday together as a family! (And he may have gotten a little spoiled...)

I got to be a part of my first Pinewood Derby with my Cub Scouts this year. I made these sweet race car cupcakes for treats for the boys and their families. I also made these little apple cars (you can kind of see them on the left) that had grapes for wheels that were a healthier version of fun. And of course, Kyson was supporting the car theme as he wore his Cars PJ's!

8 months old!!!! He looks so proud of himself for posing so good for Mommy this time! 

My cousin Joey graduated from BYU and Kyson and I got to go to his graduation ceremony. Congrats, Primo!

'Twas the season for showers for me. In about a month, I threw Jaynie a bridal shower, and my two best friends, Krista and Carley, both baby showers. I ended up doing the Hungry Caterpillar theme for both showers, so I'll just post pics from one of them.
See how the balloons make a caterpillar? (you'd be amazed how many people missed that detail when they were actually there!)

My caterpillar cupcakes

I had all of the caterpillar fruit with these little copies from the book on card stock next to them....I loved it.

These next few pictures are from our Spring Break trip to Washington:

Kyson giving kisses to his little cousin Cohen!

Rockin' out with the big boys!

Can't wait for his first "real" ride on a jet ski!

While we were home, we got to go snowboarding and skiing with our family. We even took Kyson and our nephew Cohen up to the mountain! We bought two fewer passes than there were people, then my mom, sisters, and I took turns staying in the car with the babies. It was fun getting to snowboard with Kent and still get to be with Kyson. And near the end of the day, we strapped him in his snow pack, and took him out for a few fun pictures! No, we didn’t really take him down a run, but Kent did “coast” from the lodge down to the parking lot with him on his back…it was adorable!

Ta-da! Mr. Talented over here is showing off just a bit, don't ya think?

Love love love!!!

Nanny loves her great grandbabies!

I'm watching you!