Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!!

We had such a fantastic Christmas this year at my parent’s house in Washington! Ki proposed to his girlfriend, Jaynanne just before, and she got to come out and spend New Years with our family. It was super fun having her with us!

We loved going on waterfall hikes while we were home, and also playing games together! We played a lot of Mafia (I’m awful at that game, but I love it!), Killer Bunnies, Pit, Piggy Piggy Grunt Grunt, etc. Being with family during the holiday season is always the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 

I may have climbed up this rotten log...and everyone else may have had to go around and meet me at the top. hehe

We love mud!

Notice my sister Katelyn is in this picture. She IS indeed 8 months or so pregnant! And she hiked with us like a champ! It was impressive!

This was a little before Christmas, but Kent's Grandmother LOVES Kyson!

Our little man, 4 months old already!

Family pic Christmas 2011

Christmas Dinner at home in Elma!

We also got to do something that’s been on our bucket lists for awhile—indoor skydiving! It was a surprise Christmas present from my parents! It was a blast! It’s amazing how crazy it is once you’re in the wind tunnel! You can’t talk because it’s too windy. I couldn’t stop smiling, and as a result, spit kept on leaking out of my mouth, haha, which made me laugh and therefore smile more! It was kind of hilarious! Anyway, to anyone who’s ever wondered if it’s worth it—yes. It is. We will definitely do that again someday!

New Years Eve was, of course, spent out at the Lake with my grandparents, Nanny and Gucky. Nanny got to hold Kyson while we all jumped in the Lake at midnight! It was awesome. Jaynanne impressed us all with her fearless leap into that ice cold water! She went for it all the way!

These next pictures are not in any special order, but they help tell the awesome story that was our Christmas this year! We are grateful for our family and friends, and especially for our Kyson! Merry First Christmas, Kyson! 

This is Lyska's onesie PJ's she got for Christmas. This is also my almost 16-year-old brother Tyson wearing said onesie! Love it!

We all took turns in the onesie, acting like The Grinch!
Including Gucky!!! Favorite Picture Ever!!!

Love our Lake tradition!


Safe and warm with Nanny

Poor kid. Christmas just wore him out!

Playing outside with Daddy!

Isn't he adorable?!?!

Kyson's first motorcycle ride was with was just a short putt around the house...and he fell asleep! So precious!

We visited Santa by my parents' house...the same Santa I grew up visiting!

He really was happy that night, don't know what happened here, hehe.

Cute boy; he fell asleep during presents, so Uncle Tyson put his slippers on Kyson's feet...haha.

And, of course, we took Kyson to a BYU basketball game! Go Cougs!!!