Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing Catch Up...Merry Christmas!

So I am sorry to say I have fallen severely behind on my blog at a time when there is so much going on in our lives! So consider this the beginning of lots of catching up!

So a wonderful highlight of a few months ago is that our beautiful niece Cecilia (aka Cece) was baptized! She is such a sweetheart and we are so proud of her! Her older sister Rachel sang at her baptism and it was not only beautiful, but also so precious, heartfelt, and it brought the Spirit into the room so strongly! We love living so close to six of our nieces and nephews! (we SURE do miss the other nine though!)

Merry Christmas! We went and visited Temple Square right before Christmas. It doesn't matter how many times I've been there, I love this tradition every year we get the chance to do it!

We Love the Lights!!!!

We were home for Christmas...to my parents' home that is! We had such an awesome time with my family! We went skiing/snowboarding, played lots of games, went exploring out in the woods in our "backyard," and just had so much fun! But we missed having Katelyn and Steven there with us!

And of course, we had the traditional Dad riding a motorcycle into the living room after we opened presents! Only this time, it was a new bike that WAS one of the presents! I love that bike!

I love Lyska and Tyson, my youngest sister and brother. You guys are so much fun!

My wonderful parents..."Will you accept this rose?" haha, Dad found a rose in the car that had been for someone else, but he decided to go with it and gave it to Mom--it was cute!

Sailboating with family and friends! My cousin Joey and my Uncle Joe took a bunch of us sailboating while we were home. It was wet and rainy and cold, and we had a blast! (growing up in Washington teaches you to live in the moment regardless of what the weather is doing)
We stopped in Olympia for lunch and got to play in the water fountain for a few minutes! Loved it!
The group (left to right)--My brother Ki and his date, our dear friends Krista and TJ, Kent and me, Joey's date Tiffany and my cousins Joey and Tessa. Thank you Uncle Joe (he took the pic)

We had a wonderful Holiday season! Kent and I got to take part in our Stake Choir and Orchestra. We performed before going to Washington for Christmas. We sang in the Provo Tabernacle about a week before it burned down. We are grateful we had one last opportunity to be a part of something in that historic building, and we are sad for its loss. When Kent was on his mission in Provo, he got to direct the Utah Provo Mission Christmas Fireside with all of the missionaries and community members in the Tabernacle. He has many fond memories of that place!

Before going to Washington, I had an interview with Intermountain Healthcare at Primary Children's Outpatient Clinic in Riverton as a Medical Assistant and I got the job. I started at the beginning of January and am really enjoying it there.

We celebrated the New Year by driving home on New Year's Eve. We had all kinds of excitement that lengthened the drive--there was a train wreck along I-80 that caused them to close a 75 mile stretch of the freeway and gave us quite the detour on icy, curvy roads. The funny part is that we were able to get back on the freeway in time to actually see the train wreck! It was pretty crazy, with cars accordioned up just like on a movie! Unfortunately we didn't get the camera out in time. So with all of the delays, we hit the new year literally as we were pulling into Provo. We even got to see a couple firework shows from the freeway! It was unique, but so fun!
We are so grateful for wonderful family and friends that make up what matters most in our lives. We are grateful for the Gospel, which is what makes up the meaning of our lives. We have been blessed with so much and have had so many wonderful opportunities. We are grateful for each new day and the adventure it brings!

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