Monday, October 26, 2009

...Leaves Are Falling...

Salem skeleton

Ferris Wheel in Salem--it was on the water and overlooked everything; it was so cool!

At the Salem Carnival...what do you even DO with a Spiderman that big?!?!

Part of one of the Salem museum tours...the dancing "possessed" girls of Salem

Is there a resemblance?

How about now?

The Bar Harbor Inn restaurant in the Reading dinner I've EVER had!! They had live piano and everything!

On the Pier at Bar Harbor

The outside of Bar Harbor Inn


See the cruise ship in the distance...

On top of Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park

Pretty Fall colors

Part of Thunder Hole in Acadia

Pretty view of the Atlantic

Sand Beach at Acadia

Part of the hike of Precipice Point at was a 1,000 foot rise, and just under a mile hike. They had make-shift "ladders" and "railings" welded into parts of the rocks so that you didn't need climbing gear. It was pretty tough and DANG fun with a beautiful view!

See how pretty? I had slippery pants on and literally almost slid off the mountain here while trying to take this picture!

I'm livin' on the edge!!!

Kent's on top of the world!!! Or Pride Rock!!! Or, well, yeah.

Again, I'm livin' on the edge! See how little foot room I have?

The fall colors were just breathtaking!

Love this picture! That was a huge rock wall behind Kent.

Part of the 27 mile loop drive in Acadia National Park.

These rocks were so fun! You could climb inside of them!

Leaves are falling all around...

So handsome!
It was a bit chilly up there.

The Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI. It's the "summer home" of the Vanderbilt's.

Beautiful, huge, wow.
Well, in a nutshell, that is some of what we've been up to. Fall is beautiful out here in New England. We had a great time in Maine last week, and the mansions we did a few weeks ago. Until next time...


Nate said...

Awesome pictures!! It looks beautiful! The pride rock picture is my favorite :)

Barratt Family said...

Kayla im so glad you found us! you guys look like you are doing so good! i loved the pictures, new england is so beautiful and i love the fall. Tanner served his mission in connecticut so he loved the pics also.

Krista Emrich said...

Wow, it looks like you guys are having a blast!!! That's so awesome. That hike looks way way fun! A little intimidating....perhaps a little scary....but definitely fun. I also enjoyed the pride rock shot. I wish we could come visit you guys! AH! But hopefully soon enough we will see you again :)