Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kent’s Parents Come to Town

When Kyson was born, my parents got to be here for just over a week, and it was so wonderful. A few days after they left, Kent’s mom came into town for just over a week. We had so much fun with her. We had no idea when we scheduled her visit how good of a baby Kyson would be, and that he would start off only waking up once or twice a night (he sleeps through the night most the time now!) So her visit to help us turned out to be very different than what any of us were expecting, especially compared to what she’s used to with going to help her daughters after they have given birth. Since I was feeling great and Kyson was so good and healthy, we did things like meet up with friends and go mini golfing at Trafalga! Crazy, I know! I also sort of volunteered her to sing a solo at our local Senior Center while I accompanied her on the piano. For the month of September, I volunteered to play the piano and do the musical number every Thursday at the Senior Center for their “Relief Society/Priesthood” meeting. It was a wonderful experience, and since she was in town for one of the Thursdays, I asked if she’d want to sing her song, “Angel of Light.” It was a great experience. We loved having her out here so much. She was a huge help! She also helped me make homemade raspberry jam…Kent’s favorite!

Then, a few weeks ago, Kent’s parents both flew back out here for a short work trip. We got to pick them up from and take them to the airport, but they stayed at Kent’s sister Raelene’s house. We still enjoyed going to our nephew Reed’s football game with them, and going to dinner with them and Kent’s grandparents. And we were especially glad they got to both see Kyson. We love being able to see and visit family!

My favorite part of the visit was that when we got together with Kent’s grandparents, we had four generations of Nixon boys together. Kyson is their 16th grandchild, but their FIRST Nixon grandchild, since all the others are from Kent’s sisters and they have different last names! It was really special having those 4 generations together.

We don’t have any trips to Boston planned anytime soon, but I hope that we can find our way out there for a visit sooner than later. We love and miss Boston. 

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