Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm Here With My Nieces, But I Miss Kent to Pieces

I am here in Hutto, TX helping my sister-in-law, Natalie while she is on bedrest with her fourth pregnancy. Her's and Josh's adorable girls, my nieces, Ally (6), Annalise (5), and Megan (3 1/2) have been so much fun, and so much work. Natalie is almost 35 weeks along with baby Jake, their first little boy!

I have been here since January 5th, and will be here, as of now, until February 6th--the day before my birthday! I just have to say that I miss my Kent! He has been so wonderful while I've been gone. He sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses the other day, and also a Dove chocolate wrapper with a sweet message inside. I married such a romantic and am so happy I did!
Ally lost her two front teeth, two nights in a row when I first got here! Now thee ith thooo cute with her lithp! "Thweet thithter Thally thing me a thweet thong of joy."

Cutie Petuties...Kent and I are so excited to have our own kids! For now though, at least we have 15 (as soon as Jake arrives) of the cutest kids around for nieces and nephews that we can play with and spoil a little!
So for now, I love you, Kent. I can't wait to see you. A month is a ridiculously too long amount of time to be apart. You're doing a great job working hard on everything back home though. I am so proud of you! Hugs and kisses from me and our nieces!

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