Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beginnings and Endings and Beginnings Again

Well here we are in's actually a suburb called Northboro, but only a select few would know that, so alas, Boston it is.

Things are going great for us. I finally finished my 200 hour, 7 week internship at Concord Internal Medicine as a Medical Assistant! It is a 40 minute commute, but it's in the town where Walden Pond is located, and Walden by Thoreau happens to be a favorite of mine, so come summetime, I will be there. I will be working at that office throughout the summer and on as a fill-in for the RNs and front desk people whenever they take a vacation or something. The nurses and doctors and staff I work with there are the greatest! They've taught me so much...both in my field and about life (most of the things I've learned about life are probably better left unspoken though). Anyway, I look forward to continuing working for them, but for pay instead of for free! yay!!

I also just started working for my brother-in-law, Reed. Kent works as his fulltime, live-in personal care attendant, and I just started working mornings for him, thus giving my sweet mother-in-law a break, as she was doing the morning work. It's been great so far; Reed is the most patient person I've ever met, and I'm grateful for that...hopefully I don't drive him too crazy...between Kent and me, he has to put up with quite a bit. ;) We love you Reed!

Well, our house in Idaho Falls DID sell, but then, just five days before closing, our buyers' financing fell through! So, now it's NOT sold, and it's back on the lovely market. Let's all just pray it sells somewhat soon...we'd love to not have the cross-country mortgage payments. Until then, hakuna matata, or something like that.

We have had callings in our new/old ward (we live with Kent's parents, so it's his old family ward he grew up in) since a couple weeks after getting here. Kent is the employment and resources specialist, and I WAS the Relief Society instructor...until the Sunday before Conference. I was then released and called to serve as the First Counselor in the Primary Presidency!!! Apparently the Lord wants me with all the kids He can! Unlike the Primary in Idaho Falls, this Primary only has 50 kids TOTAL, including nursery. So the load will not be near so heavy as it was at times in the I.F. Primary Presidency (I miss you Kjerstin, Michele, and Allison!!!). Anyway, I'm looking forward to my new challenge, but will definately miss my teaching calling in the Relief Society.

I also have been having doctor's appointments galore. If you know me, you probably know about my crazy daily, endless headaches, migraines, and other strange bodily ailments. I've learned to live with them, but still trying to figure out what's wrong with me. My doctor referred me to a neurologist, who had me get an MRI. I also had bloodwork, Xrays, and a few other tests. Fortunately, and unfortunately, everything came back normal. Now the question remains, if I'm normal, why am I so abnormal? haha, so I don't have a brain tumor but I do still have the pain. I'll settle for that if it means no brain surgery.

Since my last post, Kent (and just about everyone else on his side of the family) had a birthday! He's now 26! He will be taking the GMAT for MBA school in a week and a half, so wish him luck! He's trying hard to study, and he's working so hard with everything he does right now! He's amazing!

Well, for now, I think that's about it. We got to go to a Boston Bruins game a few weeks ago, my first hockey game experience. It was a blast and I found a new favorite sport to watch! March Madness came and went, and I ALMOST had a chance at the Nixon Family plaque...dang UConn. But I beat Kent, so I'm satisfied with that much. Gotta love friendly competition.


Tasha said...

Finally a post! I'm glad to here that you're liking Boston. So you decided on becoming an MA instead of dental hygiene? (You could decide later to go to PA school, working as an MA looks good on an app.) I've been accepted to PA school, so I'm pretty pumped! Sorry about the house--the same thing happened to my brother-in-law. Keep posting: I like to know what's happening in your busy life!

Anna said...

Kayla, you don't know me but I am friends of Kents from college. I just came across your guys' blog and its fun to see what you guys are up to! Tell Kent hello from Anna!

P.S. I am in a contest that ends tomorrow and am super close to a prize...everyone go vote!
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Kenneth said...

COme west young Kids we miss you!