Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Fun

Well, many of you who know us know that Halloween is a favorite of holidays for us. A little over a year ago (yes, we think of costumes that far in advance sometimes), I came up with this “brilliant” costume idea for when we had a baby. At the time we did not know if we would have a baby by the next Halloween, but the stars aligned and we did! So, I dressed up like a spider, Kent was a spider web, and Kyson was a little bug, swaddled and wrapped to look like he was all wrapped up in my web, complete with little fang marks on his cute little head! Morbid? Yeah, maybe a little….but SO fun! I have to admit, I was nervous Kyson would see my scary, black-painted, eight-eyed face and flip out. But he didn’t seem to mind at all, as long as he was fed and got to sleep when he wanted to.  We went to a cousin party with Kent's family and loved showing off our little "bug" to all of them. Fun times.

Isn't he a cute little bug?!?!?

My fun group of Cub Scouts and their siblings

We also took the Halloween opportunity to make a new favorite meal, "Witch's Brew," compliments of our friend Krista! We made a few different batches of this yummy dinner in a pumpkin!

We actually went a little nuts this year and had a couple different costumes. This is mostly due to the fact that Kent is in the Young Men's organization. For the 3 Ward Halloween Party we had at the Church, each auxiliary organization in our ward was in charge of decorating a room. Kent was over the Deacons, who chose to go with a Nerd theme, because Nerds are "the scariest things they could think of" (haha). Well I didn't want to dress as a spider without my web, so we all three dressed as nerds and showed up for the party, in character, complete with our nerdy boy genius, who was on track to be in college by age 3. Some people in the ward didn't even know who we were. We stayed in character the entire two hours we were there, which was exhausting but over the top hilarious! The boys loved it, too. Overall, it was a great party and we had a lot of fun. Kyson was amazing for the whole thing.

Our sweet little boy Genius! Love our Nerd!!!

The best part is those are my real glasses from when I was in high school! Ha! Thank you Lasik!

Sunday night before Halloween we also went to my uncle Kenneth and aunt Kathy's house for dinner. This was in no way a Halloween-themed dinner, but we decided to show up as nerds, in character anyway. It was funny. We only stayed in character a few minutes, but it was long enough to scare my cousin's 5-year-old enough that he wouldn't come near us. My grandpa, Opa loved it. In fact he asked to try on Kent's wig! It was great!

On actual Halloween (by the time Halloween actually arrived, we'd already dressed up three times as a family and Kent one extra time for school!), I had a Den Meeting/Halloween Party for my Cub Scouts. We decided since the boys had seen us on Saturday as Nerds that we would do the spider costumes. The party turned out great. We had lots of fun games and the boys and their siblings had a great time. As soon as it was over and we had cleaned up, we dashed home, scrubbed off our make-up, and dressed as nerds once again to attend a party with a few of Kent's cousins. We love to party Halloween style with the 5 Browns and their spouses...they are all just so much fun. We had a great time playing some hilarious games that I plan to incorporate into the next party I throw! Thank you Melody and Casey for hosting yet another amazing party!
 The creepy cheese fingers I made for one of our parties!

So this is our "zombie," a combination of leftover cupcakes we brought to our party with the Browns after the Den Meeting party. The original cupcakes looked like this:


And Skeleton

Kent also went to school on Thursday and Monday as "Professor Polynomial." He was an outrageous math/Hogwarts-esque character the entire school day, dressed in a cap and gown. The kids loved him, and the faculty did, too. He is one amazing teacher. I wish I could have had him as my math teacher! Lucky kids!

So, as you can see, Halloween is a favorite for us. Lucky for us Kyson seemed to enjoy it for the most part too. Well, until I decided to dress him up in all our hand-me-down costumes that won't fit him next year (poor, cute kid!):

Kyson's first Halloween!!!

Look at my little sweetheart! 

Our little Tiger...

...And Lion...

...And Lobster...

Did I mention he HATED this one!?!?! Poor little one. Oh, but we love him! And two minutes after this pic was taken he was happy as can be. 


Mr. and Mrs. Dickson said...

ok where to start. first off...what is Kyson going to think when he grows up and sees those pictures!! hahaha! love it. I LOVE your creepy eight eyes! and cant believe you even got your HAIR black! your outfits are truly remarkable. A+ Also, after i read it all, i then had to REREAD it to steve because i couldnt just couldn't do it justice in my own words. when i showed him the spider ones...i said, "ya i dont know why she has a tail, she's spider." And the he said (as i realized, too) that those are your spider legs! duh me, i can totally see it now. anyway, then we had a good time laughing at Kyson's halloween photo shoot. He DID NOT love the lobster one, but i do! hahaha. what a cutie! LOVE you Kayla! (oh and it makes my day that you went to kenneth's in your nerd outfits! you two are my role models!

Krista Emrich said...

I LOVE how "in" to Halloween you guys are. Oh my goodness I miss you guys!! You are so fun. Love your costumes :) Kyson looks so cute in all his costumes, even if he didn't necessarily like 'em :)