Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Wife is AMAZING!!!

Since this is, in fact, "Kent and Kayla's Wonderful Life" blog, I felt it appropriate to post something of my own, mostly to surprise Kayla with not only compliments, but also with the comfort that her husband can learn how to blog for himself. haha :) I hope I haven't messed up already...
Look at that smile! --->

Anyway, my title sums it all up, but I want to elaborate just a bit more for her. For those of you who detest PDA, you may want to avert your eyes. :)Kayla struggles everyday with stomach pain, muscle pain, headaches, a pain-in-the-neck husband... you get the drift - She puts up with a ton! Yet she seems to accomplish multiples more than I do on my best day! She is "learning to cook" as she calls it, but turns out the most amazing meals (healthy AND balanced). She magnifies her church responsibilities better than anyone I know and is truly dedicated to serving others. She helps me to stay spiritually nourished through prayer, scripture reading, family night, and temple attendance. She is preparing to be and will be a phenomenal mother to our children. I am so excited to be married to her and to share in many new experiences with her. She keeps me on my toes and brightens my life everyday! She's witty and goofy, beautiful and smart, talented and gifted in so many ways. I would love to go on, but I know she'd want me to get some sleep. She's always looking out for me. To those who read this, thank you for indulging me while I tried to honor my dear wife. I love you Sweetheart.
I click on "Publish Post" now, right? :)


The Mormon Monk said...

"...her price is far above rubies."

Nate said...

precious, and props to Kent on blogging, he has come a long way in terms of technology!

And to double comment, Kayla's last post on happenings was excellent! Good work and fun times!

PS - Congrats again on grad school acceptance!

Barratt Family said...

sooo cute kent! and your right Kayla is amazing and has always been a great example to her friends!

Krista Emrich said...

Kent you're adorable :) Good work! And Kayla, you really are amazing! Amen to everything Kent said :)